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Filip II Macedonian, Skopje - Tuesday, 8 August 2017 - 20:45.
Super Cup
When will I get my tickets ?

Most tickets to most events are issued few days prior the actual date.

We guarantee to deliver the tickets to your hands not later than 24 hours before he event starts, and we will deliver it to your local address/hotel that will host you.

Receiving tickets before this date is impossible in most cases, and any such promise by other vendors is no more than idle words.

Seating in Pairs

Guarantee tickets is committed to seat you in pairs (together) unless the relevant ticket category specifically states otherwise.

* If you have any questions regarding your seating, please contact our dedicated support team via Phone or the grey Chat box on the bottom right.

Choose A Ticket

Ticket Category Quantity Price Per Ticket
Cat 3
Seating in pairs guaranteed for this ticket!
Cat 2
Seating in pairs guaranteed for this ticket!
Cat 1
Seating in pairs guaranteed for this ticket!

Ticket Delivery

General rules you need to know:

Where will your tickets be sent?

In most cases, we supply the tickets to the hotel in which you are booked on the evening before the event. In some cases, we will arrange for you to collect your tickets at the venue, a central ticket collection spot, or a nearby location, if necessary.

Delivery to the hotel: What happens if I don't have hotel details yet?

In such a case, you can place your order and submit the hotel details at a later date. However, in order to guarantee timely delivery of your tickets, this must be done at least one week prior to the event. Please note: it is essential that you inform your hotel that you are expecting a delivery; the hotel reception desk must receive it and sign for it!

  • Please make sure, in advance, that your hotel is willing to sign and keep your delivery for you!
  • Make sure to inform our sales team of the person for whom the room is booked
  • To avoid theft, we strongly recommend you DO NOT mention you are expecting tickets

Delivery to your home address

If we receive your tickets 10 days (or more) prior to the event, we will inform you that we will send your tickets to your home address. In this case, we will send the tickets via an Express Delivery Service provider to your home address as specified on the order form.


If the ticket you request is an E-Ticket, we will send it to the email address you provide on your order form.

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Stadium Seating

Seating in pairs

Guarantee tickets is committed to seat you in pairs (together) unless the relevant ticket category specifically states otherwise. Please note: In some cases, the term "pairs" can refer to perpendicular seating (one in front/behind the other). In case you require three or more tickets (seating three people or more people together), we will do our utmost to ensure that you are seated together; nevertheless, we cannot guarantee that this will always be the case.
*If you Must sit together, please contact our dedicated customer service team, via phone or email. In the majority of cases, we will be able to confirm a specific request, or offer an alternative solution.

Single ticket

There are cases where we specifically offer tickets classified as "single"  tickets. These tickets are usually cheaper, but are true to their title - Single. If you purchase two "single" tickets, you will not be seated together.

Group Seating

For 8 tickets (or more), please check the availability of group seating and prices with our dedicated customer service team, via phone or email. In some cases, group seating arrangements will be cheaper, while in other cases, these seating arrangements will be more expenmsive, depending on ticket availability. If the ticket category you chose enables it - you can place your order without having to contact us beforehand. However, please remember, in such cases, we will only be able to ensure that you are seated in pairs.

Please note: the aforementioned information regarding stadium seating arrangements is general at best and may not match the exact details of the ticket you have purchased. When possible, we will display the relevant stadium seating arrangements chart or venue / stadium map.

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How to get to Filip II Macedonian

Address: FYR Macedonia

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